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Centering Our Voices

Book Synopsis - This anthology highlights the distinctive experiences, challenges, and triumphs of Black women within the field of education. This book aims to document and celebrate their brilliance, persistence, and significant contributions throughout history and in modern contexts. By sharing their stories, insights, and strategies for success, the book seeks to inspire and empower both aspiring and established Black women educators, while also fostering a broader understanding and appreciation of the vital role Black women play in shaping the future of education and society.

About The Authors  - The 22 passionate and diverse Black women behind this dynamic anthology represent various sectors, including P-12 education, higher education, educational technology, and consulting. Beyond their professional roles, they embody multifaceted identities as wives, mothers, entrepreneurs, mentors, authors, and community servants, among others. Each voice brings a unique perspective and purpose to this written piece, collectively shaping and influencing the landscape of education through Black womanhood.

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